Competitor Analytics

Simple way to access market information and get precious insights to make the right retail decision every day.

Micro Trend Analysis

Trend reports focused on short-term inspiring seasonal stories helping to transform trends into concrete, sales-driven strategies.

Targeted Personalization

Detailed retail analytics to discover hidden potential. Supports highly effective campaign management and show the right product at the right time to the right customer

Computer Vision

Cutting the edge image understanding with automatic annotation

Behavior Targeting

Behavior targeted just in time recommendation engine based on customers visual taste

Recommendation Engine

High quality and curated cross selling modules like shop the look or visual similar alteratives to sold out products

Competitor Analysis provides all facts for right trading decisions

Increase your margin, without compromising your conversion rate

Price Benchmarking


Visual Search

Margin Optimization

Smart Pricing

Detect Micro Trends for On & Offsite campaign optimization

So-called Micro Trends represent trends that are valid for the next 7 days to 3 month. Micro Trends are monitored and permanently tracked by the system and proactively reported and mapped to your products

Understanding Micro Trends

Customer Segmentation and Taste-Dependent Personalization

Our Solution continuously identifies and estimates the potential of hidden target groups ( e.g. high interest in the current special offers or new products) and which products are best suited to whom

Increased Conversion

Higher Interaction

Increase Cart Size

Multiple APIs

Personalization & Targeting


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Enterprise Integrations


Products are being analyzed every day

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